As a UX consultant, I worked with the marketing team at Tata Communications (the largest telecom company in India with operations in the US) to develop a demo for their new web conferencing technology that would change the way people shop in a retail environment. The concept was to allow shoppers to get tailored recommendations as they walked through the store related to physical items they pulled off the rack using an iPad provided by the store. Once the shopper was ready to try on all the garments and accessories, they could invite their friends to join the “Magic Mirror” where everyone on the web conference could see what the shopper was wearing in the dressing room and give feedback on the items in real-time.


I helped the Tata team flesh out the scenario and features for the system (including displaying initial recommendations when the shopper entered the store; something they had not thought about doing), and assembled a demo team that included me working as the project driver and interaction designer, a visual designer, and a front-end engineer.


The project was delivered on time, within a couple of months, and the Tata team was very happy with the results as they had a lot of success with the demo at the Dreamforce conference.


Design Process