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Gamification has become a huge buzzword in the land of software over the last few years. How, if at all can we use the techniques that turn game players into addicts to increase the user engagement of our product? I took the initiative to research the topic and identify how it could help our product and business. Once armed with the background information and a few initial ideas, I created and presented a “gamified” introduction to the concept of gamification and the value it can add to our product to the product team, as well as the entire organization. After the presentation, the project team (as well as many others in the organization) was on board and excited about the initiative to explore gamification.

Soon after the presentation, our UI designer, Kristine, drove the design of our first gamification-related and implemented project: our setup progress meter (see image above). This feature has increased the setup of our “personal connections” by 100% and counting.

View the presentation (pdf), Gamification@InsideView

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