InsideView . User Contribution . 2013

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InsideView, in part, has a database of companies and contacts. The information (gathered from various data sources) for these entities can often be incomplete or incorrect. Users have the ability to flag records and provide updated information, which is then reviewed by the InsideView content team. However, not many people use this feature or any other method to report wrong information.

In order to increase the accuracy of our data and encourage users to submit changes, I explored the concept of gamification and how we could use it to achieve our goals. I created multiple concepts (sketches and wireframes are not posted) and consulted with my manager, the VP of Engineering and a domain expert on the requirements and design.

The final concept leveraged users’ innate desire for winning a competition via a leaderboard to encourage contribution. Users within a company could easily see their ranking as a badge and compare their contribution status with other team members.

The final concept and recommendations were presented to the product team for feedback, and to be handed off to on of our UX designers to take drive the project to completion.