Yahoo! Shopping . Deals . 2008

Deal-centric Business Model
Comic Storyboard User Scenario
Coupon Widget Concepts
Coupon Center - design in progress
Yahoo! Coupon Center - launched site
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As very senior UX practitioners, a User Researcher and I were tasked with investigating the “deals” space to identify any opportunities to monetize that aspect of shopping. We conducted a number of contextual inquiries with prospective users, and developed a business model and concepts to demonstrate how we could drive revenue via deals.

After presenting the research findings and concepts to the entire Yahoo! Marketplace division, I was given the opportunity to lead the product strategy and design of the first social shopping offering at Yahoo! – the Coupon Center. I drove a cross-functional product team to develop this relatively simple product to test user engagement. The preliminary results showed that users were more inclined to share coupons with friends, for example, than make comments. These results were positive, as we knew that sharing a deal was the most solid way to determine its popularity and usefulness, and ultimately acquire and engage new users.